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The Scale of Sex

May 26, 2010

I made an interview with two strippers to be broadcast next week and I’m writing this text on that note. Being sexy and having sex are viewed as very different. I think of the world less as black and white and more as a scale.

1 Music videos – Female nipples are not ok. Male and female genitalia are not ok. Butt cracks are not ok.

2 Striptease – Male and female genitalia are not ok. Butt cracks are not ok.

3 Magazines – All body parts are ok but having sex is not ok.

4 Porn videos – All body parts are ok and having sex is ok.

5 Prostitution – Having sex is ok.

6 Art – Everything is ok as long as nobody gets hurt.

7 Rape – Having sex against another person’s will is ok.

8 Trafficking – Kidnapping, imprisoning and forcing people to do things against their will is ok.

These are all things that people get paid for, except trafficking. This scale is not simplistic, it shows the complexity of these issues. As an example, in Sweden it is legal to sell sex, but it is illegal to buy sex. In Sweden it is impossible to want to sell sex. In Denmark it is possible to want to sell sex. In Denmark only involuntary prostitution is illegal.

There are 2 reasons for the complexity of these issues. The first is the traditional oppression of women. The second is the traditional view of the human body and its reproduction.

Oppression of women.

Still today there is gender discrimination and inequality. Some men in history have said that women don’t have souls. Some white people have said that non-white people have no souls. I say none of us have souls. I think the mind is a construct of the ever present matter, and not an atomic, eternal, divine entity. Regardless, gender discrimination exists.

The human body and its reproduction.

Our opinions are affected by the opinions of our friends, culture and parents, and their opinions are affected by their parents and so on. In Sweden it’s therefore important to understand that the traditional Christian opinion is that sex is allowed between a man and a woman, behind locked doors, if they have made an agreement with God to never love anyone else. When Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge they felt shame for being naked, civilization came hand in hand with the sin and the shame of the body. If you believe that God decides what is moral and what is immoral and any debate, reasoning, discussion, opinion or logical deduction is irrelevant, then nothing I can say will ever make a difference to you.

It is illegal to be naked in public in Sweden. Not because there is anything wrong with being naked, but because people’s opinion is that there is something wrong with being naked. They are chocked, offended and traumatized by seeing naked humans. I grew up on a farm. All the animals were always naked, except the apes. The civilization has deluded the apes into thinking they’re not animals. Out of fear we have created a meaning of life, a life after what we fear most; death, a God that can save us. Out of fear we have created the idea of the couple, the tradition of exactly two people having sexual desires or a specific kind of love for each other, a ring of marriage that binds two people together because we are afraid of being left, hurt and alone.

Why is it important to understand modern opinions about sex through the discourse of tradition?

Because some modern opinions are still the same as some traditional opinions and it’s very much affecting the world we live in this very second. The problem is people’s opinion, they create suffering in the world and they are often illogical. Being ashamed of the body of thinking of nakedness or sex as something that should be regulated is complete insanity. But it is difficult for people to change their minds. It takes an effort to break away from the opinions of the culture you’ve grown up in and because it takes an effort people will simply not bother to try to understand what is logical and what is illogical. There is no logical reason why society today thinks polygami, prostitution, nudity, unisex showers et cetera are immoral.

Given all the things I’ve stated in this text, I see a big problem caused by lack of logic and I see a solution.

The solution is that anything that is done according to one’s our perception of one’s own free will should be defined as ok. Anything that goes against another person’s perception of their own free will should be defined as not ok. In other words; do whatever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone else.

The cause of the problem is that people are illogical. In Sweden we say it is impossible to want to sell sex in spite of other people saying they personally like to sell sex. In striptease it is ok to show your breasts but not your penis or vagina in spite of the knowledge that all our body parts are just matter.

The problem manifests itself in the suffering of people. People who want to be strippers or prostitutes are not accepted in society, they have low status and lack the rights and protection that others enjoy. Low status businesses attract illegal businesses which attract violence, addictions and abuse. People are being kidnapped, held captive and forced to do things against their will without people being able to identify the wrong-doers because they don’t understand the difference between offender, victim and volunteer but lump them all together into one category. A person showing body parts on a webcam is different from a person being forced into substance abuse and prostitution in a dark alley. If we can understand this world without dismissing all of it as immoral, demonizing and stigmatizing its inhabitants, maybe we have a better chance of helping both the offenders, the victims and the volunteers.

Pregnancy is not a Disease and EU is now a Country

November 3, 2009

Swedish state insurance organization Försäkringskassan was today convicted for discrimination against pregnant women.

4 women suffered pains during their pregnancy and were unable to work as usual, but were denied sickness compensation. According to Försäkringskassan they were denied compensation because their problems were not severe enough, but the court found that it could be assumed that the reason for denying them compensation was that their problems were caused by pregnancy (and yes, according to Försäkringskassan problems caused by pregnancy do not grant compensation).

A lot of things can make you sick; sitting down, standing up and walking around and all injuries caused by said activities grant compensation. There’s no reason why pregnancy should not, because just like walking around, being pregnant is not a disease, but you can still get hurt from it. A spokesperson from Försäkringskassan wants new legislation to avoid this in the future.

By the way, all humans are women, only some women grow a penis during their development because hormones tell the body to do so.

Second story of the day is that Czech president Václav Klaus finally signed the Lisbon treaty which means the European Union is more like a nation state than ever before. In these glocal times one would of course expect more centering of power but also a balancing power-distribution towards communes, regions and districts. Freedom, however, is not gonna happen during our life-times anyway. Maybe the idealism connected with democracy will fade during the 21st century and maybe anarchy will lose some of its negative connotations in the minds of most people, but progress takes time. Almost exactly 5,000 years ago, Egyptian pharaoh Djer was buried together with 200 other humans accompanying him into the land of the dead. Still today we have not flattened the pyramid of power (even though monarchies are not what they used to be).

The guy that says that in a democracy majority rules, is missing the point that democracy is not just about the majority vote that matters in a democracy, it’s also about the opinions of the minorities. Wikipedia:

“The “majority rule” is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy, but without responsible government or constitutional protections of individual liberties from democratic power it is possible for dissenting individuals to be oppressed by the “tyranny of the majority“. An essential process in representative democracies is competitive elections, that are fair both substantively[13] and procedurally.[14] Furthermore, freedom of political expression, freedom of speech and freedom of the press are essential so that citizens are informed and able to vote in their personal interests.[15][16]


Naäh fan, sluta sitta här o snacka politik.. Beröm istället detta duktiga och enligt mig bästa band som finns. De där med politik kan ni hålla för er själva eller nåt sånt, för på youtube händer inget om ni skriver SD2010. Vad Svenskarna vill rösta på är deras ensak. Låt var och en bestämma själv :).. Jag vill gärna få passa på att tacka han som laddat upp låten på youtube :). Tack, det var hyggligt av dig. Sköt om er nu

Nah fuck, stop sitting here talking about politics. Instead commend this capable and according to me best band there is. That politics stuff you can keep to yourself or something, because on youtube nothings gonna happen if you write SD2010 [nationalistic Swedish party]. What Swedes want to vote for is their own business. Let each and everyone decide for themselves :).. I would like to take this opportunity to thank he who uploaded this song on youtube :). Thanks, that was nice of you. Take care all

Today; There are 6.8 Billion Great Apes in the World

October 25, 2009

On Earth there are (all subspecies put together, and roughly estimated):

6,800,000,000 humans

300,000 chimpanzees

300,000 gorillas

50,000 orangutans

6,800,650,000 in total (99.9% are humans)

We all have conscious minds, we all have parents, we all need to pee from time to time and hopefully we all have a playful childhood.

I will never get over the fact that I am an ape

I will never get over the fact that I am stuck like a magnet to the Globe

I will never get over the fact that I am using proteins to type these words

and when I die I will dissolve