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Quote of the Day: Bill Bailey

April 21, 2010

Aldous Huxley took the drug mescaline and then chronicled his experience in the book The Doors of Perception. Now, I don’t actually think that’s the first thing he wrote: he probably wrote ‘my brain is melting’ ten thousand times, but it was the book that the critics latched on to.

– Cosmic Jam


National Blog Month

July 6, 2009

I was listening to Bill Bailey do mind-wandering versions of the classic three blokes walk into a pub-jokes when Bill Bailey walked in by my seat towards the bar keep.

– May I have this alligator wrapped around my ancles while I enjoy a drink?

– Sure, can I pour you a beer?

– Actually, I’m not supposed to be drinking at the moment, I’m working you see. I’m a professional comedian, I’m part of a gag right now, you know, it’s the huh, it’s hilarious really, you know the “three blokes walk into a pub”-joke, and I, apparently self-consciously, noticed that I mimed the bunny rabbit ears ” ” when I said that. ” ” There! I did it again! [Pointless to do mime in writing really, but whatever]. Anyhoo, I’m a member of the three blokes-ensemble, I’m working, well, I do it for charity really.

– So, you didn’t come here for a drink?

– No, I’m just the vessel of this nonsense of a text, the sole purpose of my existence is to enclothe this cold matter of black scriblings on a shiny white computer screen, witnessed by monkeys through-out the interblag (or so I’ve been told it’s real name is, this monstrous “thing”, with bunny rabbit ears, the INTERBLAG!)

– Right… You done yet?

– No, I havn’t explained the alligator yet. It’s fantastic you know.

Says the author from the corner of the pub, with bunny rabbit ears:

– Cheers, and click the wikipedia links, wikipedia has some interesting reading.

“Meghalaya (Hindi: मेघालय ; IPA: /meːˈgʰaːləe/) is a small state in north-eastern India. The word “Meghalaya” literally means “The Abode of Clouds” in Sanskrit and other Indic languages.

The capital is Shillong also known as the Scotland of the East, which has a population of 260,000.” -wiki

Nablopomo09. (Scotland of the East???)

“If you run out of steam, you can always find ways to blog about the dozens of weird celebrations and holidays that take place in July, in addition to Independence Day in the U.S. — like Ice Cream Soda Day, Video Games Day, or Bugs Bunny’s Birthday.”