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Election Sweden 2010

September 14, 2010

So, I was asking for a party that wants to remove the monarchy, because they get houses and money by right of blood, which doesn’t sound very democratic. And I asked for mass immigration, Sweden can hold the same amount of people as Germany, which means a population increase of almost 1000 percent. And I asked for the abolition of the state threat of police and military violence used to uphold the law. But there is no such party.

On the telly there are men and women, in seeming denial of being 1 DNA-holding cell growing into 10 billion cells, talking about the best way to give people jobs (more…)


European Parliament Election: 57% Don’t Give a Shit

June 8, 2009

The election amassed a record low participation. Every year it has been dropping, constantly, from 62 percent 50 years ago to 43 percent this time. This is a very clear indication of people not accepting the Union as an alternative to national, regional, local and other forms of government. Maybe this will cause changes, maybe EU will not resemble USA as much, maybe the “Brussel elite” needs to adapt to the mob.

The Irish will hold another popular election on the Lissabon treaty (the new document establishing the supranational European Union, giving it more international weight as an institution). Last time they rejected it and caused headache for Baroso and the other Unionists. This election the Irish gave their votes to the opponents of the treaty so we can expect it to be rejected next popular vote as well. Also, the Independence party in Britain, UKIP, got 17% of the British vote.

Finland gave mandate to their xenophobic/nationalist alternative – a party called The True Finns – as did other countries like the Netherlands and Hungary, strengthening that fraction in the parliament. So, maybe Turkey is not to be expected as a member state just yet.

Swedish Pirate Party gets 7% of the Swedish vote and 1 seat in parliament. Since their supporters are creating a lot of media noise through the internetz, maybe the parliament will be more discussed than it has been before. Normally we hear nothing from the parliament for 4 years and 11 months and then we have intense and pretty uninformative debates only during the 1 month just before the election.

The Christian Democrats-Conservative Group gets 40% of the general vote, 280 seats. The social democrats get 160 seats. 80 for the liberals. 55 for the greens. The left lost some seats and the independent parties gained; that includes the “xenophobes”. Here’s seat distribution per country. Thank you Taiwan for that.