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What’s an SJW – Social Justice Warrior?

October 1, 2014

I discovered the term when reading about #gamergate. Although it did not originate with this, it seems to be the catch-all phrase for the enemy of the gamers. There is no definition of who is on either side of the gamergate war but it seems that people too often revert to “hardcore gamers” versus “SJWs”. But before we get to the definition, we must look at the anon culture which propagates the term, and, ultimately, maybe I’ll be able to tell what justice really means. I’m not gonna dwell on gamergate, but I’ll explain it in order to segway into anon culture and from there discuss the philosophical aspect of social justice within (more…)

France Bans Sunglasses?

July 14, 2010

France just banned the burkha. I guess the reason is that people want to be able to see each others’ faces, but it seems like they’re afraid of muslims and the terrorism and the crimes and the bombings and I don’t know what they’re thinking.  Either way, it’s just nonsense, because it should be a person’s right to dress in anyway they see fit, including being nude, wearing a T-shirt that says “I hate muslims”, “God rules” or “Niggers will rape your uncle” or wearing a Nazi-cross or a Nazi-belt that says “God is with us”. I say nude, because we’re all naked monkeys and having a societal dress code to cover up our bodies is like living in denial of accepting our bodies and this denial prevents us from having a healthy attitude towards sex. I mention the T-shirts and the symbols because I am all for freedom of speech, without ANY restrictions. Just because people can’t say they hate jews doesn’t mean they don’t hate them, they just keep it in their heads. Banning the expression of thoughts is like shooting the messenger, you don’t solve the problem by banning the expression of it, you’re just hiding it under the mattress pretending it’s gone away because you’re no longer hearing of it.

The Nazis came to power in a society formed by the enlightenment with religious tolerance and culture more important than base human behaviour like war and slavery, yet we all know what happened 1933-1945. You see, these fancy words – peace, freedom, tolerance, love, equality, justice – they all sound very nice, but they don’t mean anything at all! Today, the most vocal people, like politicians, use these words while the rest of the people say “bomb this” and “bomb that” and not even the politicians mean what they’re saying. There’s absolutely no reason why World War 3 can’t happen and why the Holocaust cannot happen again, only with a new victim. In fact, it’d be astounding if it didn’t happen since history has proven that we oppress and kill each other without ever learning to prevent it from happening again.

And it all starts off so innocently. “We just want protection”. Yeah, the persecution of muslims in the US is nothing like what happened in Germany 70 years ago. Tell that to the fairy princess. A teacher in Birmingham said this about banning burkhas:

“I see it as a good thing because it is important to have eye contact with people.” Yeah, well niqabs don’t cover the eyes, whereas sunglasses do. Why aren’t we banning sunglasses? I can’t think of a better illustration of double standards than that.

“I disapprove more of the way young girls dress like hookers these days than I do of muslim women wearing full face covering,” said a person in a blog comment. Yes, great point, let’s be afraid of our bodies. However, the fine for wearing a burkha is very small compared to the fine for forcing a woman to wear a burkha and I can guess that what they’re trying to get at here is dissolving religion by dissolving connected culture, like the reverse of combining many pagan festivals with Christianity to ease the assimilation. Well, doesn’t matter if it’s a religious or cultural thing, because both should be a personal choice and not geographical.

The tradition for men to cover up the women seems similar to the old Swedish sex laws, where the woman could be blamed for getting raped by a man because of what she was wearing, as if the mouth says no but the clothes say yes. Who are these men that talk to the clothes instead of the woman? A woman (or a man) should be able to walk naked wherever she wants without being afraid of getting raped. This seems to be very problematic to get into some thick-headed people’s little box mind-sets. And the French people who voted for this ban seem to equally erroneously think that banning a fashion adopted a long time ago will prevent the oppression of women that originally started the fashion. Again, we’re banning the effects and not doing anything about the causes of the problem.

Pakistan Bans Facebook Over Mohammad Caricatures

May 19, 2010

The facebook event Everybody Draw Mohammad Day on May 20th has led a Pakistani court to order the government to block facebook on May 20th. My personal opinion on this whole Mohammad pictures debate is that magic does not exist. Since magic does not exist, souls do not exist and humans are comprised of 1,000 billion cells containing copies of a DNA-molecule, all copied from 1 single cell with a DNA-molecule formed with half of each parents’ DNA-molecule. Therefore, Mohammad was, just like me, and just like this computer and any rock on the bottom of the sea, composed entirely by atoms. And personally, I have a hard time accepting the logic behind any ban on any depiction of any item composed of any atoms. I don’t believe in God and magic and unicorns but maybe this ban makes sense to those who do.