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Part 1: Our Buddha Earth

November 17, 2010

Soil was made by DNA. DNA was made by the rays of Sol, cutting shapes into our flooded rock. One day we will embark on a journey through space carrying with us every single atom on this planet, the octopus, who sees like we do, but has no blind spot, the slug with its tiny heart, the thousand-year-old trees, the exo-skeletal beetles, the H2O gas clouds, the electromagnetic cities, the arts of our minds. That day is the day we realize Earth is a spaceship on autopilot and we are its crew.

Quote of the Day: Joseph Campbell

November 12, 2010

“The Indian name for that Being of all beings is brahman, which is a neuter noun, neither male nor female… that which is beyond being and non-being. It both is and is not. It neither is nor is not. It is beyond all categories of thought and the mind… And in that yin/yang figure from China, in the dark fish, or whatever you want to call it, there is the light spot. and in the light one, there’s a dark spot. That’s how they can relate. You couldn’t relate at all to something in which you did not somehow participate. That’s why the idea of God as the Absolute Other is a ridiculous idea. There could be no relationship to the Absolute Other.”

Remember, all religions are metaphorical, don’t take them literally.

Epidurals blocking the transmission of signals through nerves in or near the spinal cord.

May 12, 2009

There’s a monkey giving birth on the telly.

– When I had my first child I was suprised how painful labour was and that it was only gonna get worse.

Superhuman strength is needed to push out the baby. In our species the female has narrow hips, because they walk upright and so the baby’s skull is not whole until a long time after birth because it has to be soft, otherwise it can’t come out, which is why many people have a twirl in their haircut on top of the head, back and to the side. Go ahead, you can feel it if you like.

Or you can do yoga. Crouch down and place your palms on the floor and you’ll notice that you are in fact a monkey and a frog. Why else would we swim like frogs?

I was watching a lecture on Kundalini Yoga by Joseph Campbell. From wikipedia again:

The old idea of a universal myth theory, derided by Voltaire, is in modern times most famously represented by Joseph Campbell. There were many books written in the seventeenth century purporting to explain all myths. But Voltaire was deriding [mocking] a Christian myth theory, while Campbell proposes a psychological one.

Either way, he was talking about Eastern philosophy and that they too have a dualist view of the world; a metaphysical plane which flows into the material world. The material world comes from the metaphysical plane. The alternative is that the metaphysical plane is instead a function/derivative/result/effect of the material world. The problem I have with the metaphysical plane, like Descartes or Plato’s idea/stereotype, is that it’s lacking a detailed description of the connection between the supernatural metaphor and the natural matter.

The idea that the subtle matter (the mind) connects to the gross matter (the body) via 7 chakras is a fairytale, just like the Son isn’t both the Father and separate from the Father at the same time, which is true for multicellular monkeys such as ourselves too, not forgetting to see the patriarchy inherent in our story. My conclusion is that a sensible linking between the two worlds is lacking.

A program on the telly right now, talking about norms and stuff. A guy talks about having two women for parents and if it made a difference, and of course there was no difference really. All humans are individuals, so there’s the in-built difference – we are all different, all people involved in this guy’s life are individuals so any two given women might be no different from any two given men, except which aspects of each individual we ourselves define as the differences between the female and the male monkeys in any given case.

Or did God use his perfect forms and put some quantum randomness in the dough, or maybe in the heat in the otherwise perfect oven, to shape the differences between creatures, things et cetera and even the randomness is made perfectly random by the flawless Creator. Or not! Maybe the average temperature in the bread (the universe) is not the temperature at which water can exist in all three states, gas, liquid and ice.

The Pirate Bay situation has become a legal matter, despite it’s potential to become a debate about the right to property and anarcho-communism. Maybe in a few centuries it will be debated seriously. For now, it’s handled as a minor legal issue sorted out by the state as just another snag in the system needing corrective surgery.

This is what France is doing about it: