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Gift Economy and Anarcho-Socialism Explained

December 31, 2014

Socialism arose as a struggle for equality in Europe as a combined result of protests from different layers of society against other or sometimes the same layers of society. I’d argue that Protestantism was the pre-cursor to this movement, starting with events like the burning of Jan Hus at the stake in 1415 for criticizing the power of the Pope. In 1600, Giordani Bruno was also burned at the stake for suggesting (more…)


Lithuania is Gay, Solar Eclipses are Gay

July 23, 2009

Lithuanian President Grybauskaite has finally announced to the public that it is time, Lithuania is coming out of the closet, the public announcement has reached the ears of the world: Lithuania is gay.

Gay, of course, means happy.

In 2010, a new law makes it illegal to spread information about homosexuality and bisexuality. Information about same-sex sexuality will be considered dangerous to the youth of the nation, because homosexuality can be dangerous to mental health and can disrupt the physical, intellectual and moral development of the youth.

But, Grybauskaite now says that protecting the youth from information about dangerous sexual preferences is not as important as working against discrimination.

First of all, the only reason for this sudden change of heart is because everybody else knows this law is ridiculous; having a sexual appetite for someone else is not dangerous in itself.

Also, when people don’t understand why the logic is flawed, they can’t be expected to correct matters logically either. How can information about something perceived as dangerous be dangerous? Isn’t it the other way around? Shouldn’t anti-gay forces want to spread the word that being gay is an abomination and will lead to eternal torture in God’s oven downstairs?

No, this is all nonsense and it won’t stop being nonsense until Lithuania stops being homophobic.

Grybauskaite is gay.

While people are being ignorant in Europe, eastwards people are amazed that the sky is black. Apparently, nobody has ever been awake during the night before. Although admittedly, it does look pretty cool/gay.