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Part 2: Planet Buddha

November 18, 2010

Water energy is fine, but large dams affect the ecosystem. Wind is fine unless the towers are built with scarce resources. Bio-fuels are not fine because we need the soil for biodiversity. Natural gas and oil are not fine for it takes millions of years to replenish them. Geothermal is fine. Fusion is fine, but tiny compared to the sun. Fission creates radioactive waste. Solar energy is so good we don’t even need to consider any other energy sources.

Combined with efficient and sustainable batteries we’ve essentially solved the energy question. Batteries are necessary for mobility/individualism/decentralization.

Also a big part of resource management is human waste management, because there are almost 7 billion humans on earth; that’s a lot of molecules and a lot of food and a lot of poo.

Part 3: The Buddha Society

An Argument Against Suicide Selbstmord Självmord

October 18, 2010

I was watching a debate on how to deal with people online encouraging others, helping others to kill themselves or ignoring others in need of help to live. Should we do it by legislation or is it a problem caused by society that needs changes in school or is the problem about Internet?

In India a lot of farmers are killing themselves because the EU and USA subsidize their own farmers literally killing all competition globally. This is protectionism, egotistical, wrong and it’s not what our farmers need, they’d be better off competing on a fair market and so would the Indian farmers. (more…)

Quote of the Day: Nietzsche

May 11, 2010

“When one rows, it is not the rowing which moves the ship. Rowing is only a magical ceremony by means of which, one compels a demon to move the ship.”