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September 22nd, 2009. Swedish News in short:

September 22, 2009

No entrance!

It’s forbidden for Swedes and other foreigners to enter Tibet. The unruly part of China will be closed for outsiders until October 8th. The official explanation is that China is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the communist regime on October 1st.


Sweden had invited Russia for talks with EU, which is customarily conducted twice a year. However, Russia, the old arch-enemy of 16th century Sweden, didn’t respond to the invitation and important people wrinkled their brows. Maybe the controversy with the Swedish foreign minister’s words on Russia’s actions in the Georgia-business a while ago was the reason for the missing reply. But, the president of Russia will attend the talks with EU under the Swedish chairmanship. Can you feel the love in the air? Or the mustard gas?

Economic crisis: Unemployment lowers in Norway

Norway projected 4 % unemployed Norwegians by 2010 but have now lowered it to 3 %, despite the financial crisis. Meanwhile, the Swedish government expects over 11 % unemployment the next few years. The Swedish government, Alliance for Sweden, say there is nothing they can do; the problems are caused by the economic crisis. They have also stated that the well-being and wealth of the nation is working – Work is welfare.

They’re probably confused because the young, the old, the handicapped, the unemployed, the students et cetera are also potentially beneficial to the nation, either they have been, will be or could already in the current situation contribute to the country, maybe even without being actual paid labour. Also, an unemployed person is a great potential resource and if they were only to be put in an internship they could be learning and producing at the same time. Given very dynamic and efficient  methods of retraining people the unemployment % would be irrelevant, it would merely be a sign of the current progress, an indication of the pace at which the nation as a whole is shifting industrial direction.

Nordic countries want to play with the big boys

This was yesterday’s news I think, but Norway, being the 23rd richest country in the world, wanted Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland perhaps, to join them as a single member at the G20 summits. If Tibet breaks free from China, and Scandinavia becomes a coalition, maybe we’re seen the deconstruction of Empire vs Nation, which is typically what the rhetoric on political groupings in the world mentions, with globalism and Unions joining the discussion, and being quite popular, at the end of the 20th century.


Norway taps into the Black Gold-Reserve, Celebrates National day and Record Eurovision Conquest

May 16, 2009

Norway spends more than a billion more money on countering the financial crisis which some capitalist douche-bags started “because it is fun to make the global human civilization suffer”, presumably. The most aggressive budget in 30 years. So, it’s not really news because it’s happened before, but economy is an ongoing process that have effects stretching over decades and millenia. And it’s not really news because it only rose from an original 13 billions, which was the news-worthy bit, to 14 billions.

Relatively speaking, any definition is subjective. Just like music.

Norway just won the Eurovision Song contest with the most points any song has ever gotten in the history of the competition. Even though countries often vote for neighbours and other countries they like, this song was good enough to receive a common liking. A potential step towards both Europeanism and mutual acceptance.

Also, May 17th is the day in 1814 when Norway declared to be an independent nation. It’s funny how nationalism arises within geographic borders, regardless of the fact that so many different people are grouped together as if they were all identical. Or, as in the case of Kurds, who are divided by the borders of Iraq, Iran and Turkey, without a nation of their own. Do like Israel and ship around the monkeys in diaspora, far away from their geographic origin?

When it comes to perspectives I just read the words Somali diaspora, realizing yet another example of the same kind of history as in so many other places and times on earth. Monkey civilization – it’s not paradoxical, it’s just a bit funny to think we’re monkeys with computers.