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Using Oil is Good for the Environment

July 7, 2010

Scientists at Chalmers, Sweden, are investigating the economical and environmental effects of a system that would decentralize the petrol market making it possible for everyone to have a container of fuel ready at home to pump your car with. The idea is to extract carbon dioxide from the air through a simple process of electrolyze in a small machine, like a microwave oven that everyone can keep in their homes, that produces oil. This means that the  net carbon dioxide emissions will amount to zero. All CO2 taken from the air returns to the air and the ecosystem is unaffected. The machine is very simple and removes a lot of the middle-men, including the whole process of getting the oil from the earth to the car tank, making the system economically sound. All it requires is electricity, which can be powered from environmentally friendly sources. Essentially, the car will be powered by electricity.

Using oil is not bad for the environment in itself. It’s just carbondioxide, a common gas in the atmosphere. However, putting more CO2 into the air by digging up old dead organisms and burning them changes the balance of gases in the atmosphere and makes the surface climate warmer because CO2 sucks up energy from the suns rays. Of course, it is possible that with more CO2 in the air, the blue-green bacteria that eat CO2 and shit out oxygen, more so than the rainforests, will become more abundant. Even so, the whole oil producing system and burning it is not flawless. One problem I see is that burning oil produces other waste products and pollutants, and the system for burning oil in cars is not very efficient energy-wise, however neither nuclear plants nor solar energy technology are very efficient either. When trying to figure out what is environmentally friendly there’s a  lot of related processes that need to be considered. We often ask the question: What is sustainable?

In nature, oil and gas are produced from animals and plants in a process that takes millions of years. It’s like compost. So, although it’s renewable, the renewal takes so long that our consumption of oil is millions of times faster than nature’s production of oil. Roughly half the earth consists of silicon. It forms compounds with many different elements and make up rocks, sand, dust, mountains. It’s abundant and easily accessible and mainly used to stand on. All the organic materials, animals, plants, bacteria, soil, oil and so on, are just a thin layer on the crust of the earth. The rock beneath is just something for life to exists on top of and there’s more of it than we can dream of putting to using.

Silicon can be used for solar panels and just like there’s more silicon in the earth than we can spend, the sun produces more energy per second than the total energy use of all humans throughout history. It’s just a matter of accessing it. The deserts are perfect for this. Taking the silicon from there and putting the solar panels there will have the least impact on life and will offer a lot of sun. Were we to move off the planet, the same can be applied to e.g. the moon and Mars.

So, that solves the question of trapping energy, then it’s just a matter of distributing it. Batteries are of course nice, but they’d have to be made out of environmentally friendly materials. And in the case of cars, there are so many cars that it’d be very costly, in terms of both money and time, to transform society to hold only electric cars. The system proposed by the scientists at Chalmers is a cheap compromise that would satisfy the car industry. However, the biggest obstacle is the oil industry, because economically it is the biggest industry on earth.

Lastly, I’d like to say that it’s probably a good idea to keep the energy systems apart from nature. Nature in this case meaning organic materials, which means life. There’s no need to use crops for fuel, we can leave them out of the system. We can leave life alone, if we want to.


Oil Giant Shell Accused of Ogoni Murders – Still no Justice

May 30, 2009

In the news today:

14-year-old trial still being post-poned. This time from monday to wednesday.

From BBC, 1995:

“The activists were condemned to death 10 days ago after being found guilty of involvement in four murders.

Mr Saro-Wiwa insisted they were framed because of their opposition to the oil industry in the Niger-Delta region of southern Nigeria.

At his trial Mr Saro-Wiwa said the case was designed to prevent members of his tribe, the Ogoni, from stopping pollution of their homeland and getting a fair share of oil profits.

Dozens of Ogonis have been imprisoned by the military regime led by General Sani Abacha who seized power two years ago”

Youtube comments:

“since when does ANY corporation care about humanity over profits? that’s why they go over-
seas, where they can pollute and disturb those without voices”

“More brown people suffering at the hands of the dutch, read your Twain on “King Leopold’s Soliloquy””

“Ignorance is bliss.. I hope they make shell pay millions or billions of dollars to the poor people of nigeria.. Lets boycott Shell people its the 21 century this is ridiculous”

“This is just disgusting.. If this is even a quarter true I hope to see all the Shell CEO’s burn in hell.”

“The scandal is that it’s merely a civil case.

There should be a full criminal investigation of Shell to identify the individuals who colluded with the Nigerian junta. If probable cause is satisfied, such individuals should be charged with criminal homicide (by proxy).

If the owner of an American company hired a hit man to murder a U.S. citizen who spoke out against his company’s products, it would be completely uncontroversial that the owner should face homicide charges.”

“The only way to push Shell out of the destruction of the Nigerian delta and murder of social activists . is to picket their petrol (gas ) stations around the world .Shell is controlled by evil sociopaths with the power of a super power ,small wonder they can turn you tube around into a banal sexual comment and moral trivia post board the struggle will continue with or without you”

“God bless peaceful martyrs such as Ken-Sara Wiwa… Never forget what they are doing on all of our behalf”

“Rothschild are the main stock and power brokers of Royal Dutch Shell. Rumor has it that their the richest family on the globe with seats on trade and banking boards around the world, not to mention a rumored estimated net worth of 491 Trillion. Good luck with that law suit, they own the courts to.”

“I will never buy gas from shell again.”

“I only buy gas from shell. Fuck black people! I need superior gasoline.”

Norway taps into the Black Gold-Reserve, Celebrates National day and Record Eurovision Conquest

May 16, 2009

Norway spends more than a billion more money on countering the financial crisis which some capitalist douche-bags started “because it is fun to make the global human civilization suffer”, presumably. The most aggressive budget in 30 years. So, it’s not really news because it’s happened before, but economy is an ongoing process that have effects stretching over decades and millenia. And it’s not really news because it only rose from an original 13 billions, which was the news-worthy bit, to 14 billions.

Relatively speaking, any definition is subjective. Just like music.

Norway just won the Eurovision Song contest with the most points any song has ever gotten in the history of the competition. Even though countries often vote for neighbours and other countries they like, this song was good enough to receive a common liking. A potential step towards both Europeanism and mutual acceptance.

Also, May 17th is the day in 1814 when Norway declared to be an independent nation. It’s funny how nationalism arises within geographic borders, regardless of the fact that so many different people are grouped together as if they were all identical. Or, as in the case of Kurds, who are divided by the borders of Iraq, Iran and Turkey, without a nation of their own. Do like Israel and ship around the monkeys in diaspora, far away from their geographic origin?

When it comes to perspectives I just read the words Somali diaspora, realizing yet another example of the same kind of history as in so many other places and times on earth. Monkey civilization – it’s not paradoxical, it’s just a bit funny to think we’re monkeys with computers.