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My Debate with a Gnostic

March 4, 2011

Comments on this youtube video:          watch?v=9LV3G7Pjel0

Incredible how much wisdom in so little time this can contain! It made me pour our tears, both for the abundant life we are surrounded by, and for the amount of knowledge we need to have in order to succeed as human race!
Sometimes it makes me wonder if we are a virus as the Matrix movie says!

We are not a virus, we however have been infected with a virus & embrace it and d everything in our power to grow it, nurture it, and have even recently began worshiping it publicly as a God. That virus is ego and ego has 7 main symptoms-lust, pride, gluttony, wrath, sloth, envy, & greed.
I will tell you what we are-we are the zombies roaming the planet feeding off one another as cannibals as depicted in the movies Resident Evil, 28 Days Later, Doom and so many others.
Zombies not viruses

@detersbb “recently began worshipping” the ego as God? Really? Both the Abrahamic religions and the Dharmic religions say that the soul is divine and these are hardly what I would call new theologies. And why 7 sins and not 5 or 9? Catholic propaganda. Please update your brain to the 21st century. All life is related because DNA is a temporary part of a 3 billion year old chemical reaction that is unique to this planet and that’s why we treasure it, not because of imagined metaphysics.

@Enleuk Truth is truth regardless is you accept it, or call it propaganda.
Please update your brain to timeless wisdom.


Slavoj Zizek and Nature

December 6, 2010


“Psycho-analysis shows only a temporary truth, like there is no big Other [I’m not fluent in Lacanian, but I believe this means God as a deistic or panentheistic force of will and not a pantheistic or transcendent(?) God], but then you have to return to the illusion. The idea is that our social lives are necessarily illusory. All you can do is get these momentary insights. If this is the case, then life is boring. Instead I want to know if we can make truth operative in politics and social life. My whole point would be, yes, we can. The whole development pushes in this direction. One example is ecology.


black wind

January 1, 2010

black wind

i escaped the prison behind my windows
trailing a hidden treasure towards the beyond
white water of angels stretched my skin
4000 cubics tall I was erect
grabbing the atmosphere with thunderous fists
i charged the forests and the meadows
crushing only in my blue-lined mind

the wind from the darkness sang to me a tone
i stared into the shaping of light
gathering hints and flickers
filling my being with star dust
the whisper became a rumble as the solar wind formed a hand
a giant hand that bent space in reaching for mine
and i lept off Earth towards the black hole

i was placed on a rock to watch the heliosphere
convulsing, breathing, brushing against the shores of the interstellar
the black wind was roaring
the fatty cells had melted
the mineral skeleton crumbled
the limbs of my wormly body
the nerves of my material experience
had became dots of nothingness

i saw the torso of a dolphin in the stars
who is that i asked myself
i am your creation, remember the tar pit?
no, i dont, i thought to myself
you stared into the black pool
and the glimmer of your light shone me into being
you are my teacher
you are me

stars entangled themselves in my hair, round my feet
catching me and releasing me as if a gust of wind
i lept onto planets with winged feet
floating towards heaven untorn by space
by rivers and rivers of overflowing stenches
gloriously vapourizing into particles of infinite mystery
cows shattering as the colours faded out of rememberance
replaced by oceans of monochrome glitter, sparkling and fizzling

a black wind blew IT-ALL away
a forceful roar of deep blackness
showering my immaterial fingertips
breaking out of the geometrical framework
trickling down into an expanding black pool
swallowing bits of my nails
i shielded my eyes with my hand in vain to find the origin
but the black hole i could not see
the blackness consumptious as a wildfire
crushed me, bound me, solidified my essence
condensing my soul into the brightest gem
surrounding silver, blue and orange chaos with a diamond center
clinging to existence by mere persuasion
beaming radiant in the midst of oblivion

out of breath i lay on the shore of time
emptiness cooled one slow-motion wave at a time
rassled the sands from which plants grew
grew them into green humid intoxication
drawing substance from my diamond heart
bursting them into ever-stretching branches
and while i shrunk to a planet-size perspective
mountains shot up out of the molten atoms
and a chilling rain of water woke me up
i said farewell to my teacher
and walked the path back home

i sat down after my trip to spaceland
within a tree of light, with bark of blue mushrooms
exploding into balls of fire and lightning
decorating the heaven with grasshoppers, boom
electrifying my fingers, spreading through my body, boom
hands grasped at the neuron nests below the cap of my skull
wonders opened wide, paradisaical flowers in a brunette’s hair
so many lines flowing, swelling up the insides with liquids
heavy blue-white metamorphoses dancing all along the horizon
the watchtowers upon my open skull, IT-ALL pulsating, boom

Consciousness is only a fundamental label if we define it ad infinitum. -enleuk

Life; a) DNA is not in everything, it only exists on a tiny rock far away from the big bang, and there only as a few meters thick mold-layer on the silicon-clad ball of iron. b) Consciousness is what we share with these sentences, but that too is too narrow a label to pin-point existence or universe into a singular dot, the self. Mind, as well as God and Infinity et cetera are limited – true and false – they are human constructs and the only truth we know.