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Socialism and International War

July 12, 2017

I read this article on socialism in 1914 trying to understand why the socialist revolution never happened in the United States or in Western Europe; why, instead of the workers uniting to fight their oppressors, they divided according to their supposed national identities and fought each other; why socialism has been in a steady decline since 1914 (despite the supposed existence of socialism from 1917 until today).

This is the article:

I’ll quote extensively so you won’t have to read it, and I’ll only add a few comments of my own.

“For the leadership of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), undoubtedly the centre of gravity within the International, the vote for war credits was partly justified as a means of entry into the inner sanctum of power: it was hoped that this vote, and in particular the unanimity of the vote, would make the party respectable. Whether or not the SPD succeeded on these terms, the vote certainly killed the Socialist International, and it did so in a way that was immediately recognised by contemporaries as a ‘seminal moment in the history of socialism’”.

”While they were caught unawares by the swift move to war and offered little by way of concrete proposals to stop it, this is perhaps best understood as a function of how they had allowed themselves, prior to 1914, to become enmeshed within what were de facto reformist organisations, albeit reformist organisations that bowed before revolutionary rhetoric… [However, they also] believed their government’s claims that Germany was merely preparing to defend itself from Russian and French aggression”



Anarchy 101: Committing High Treason in Sweden

January 19, 2010

There have been 4 major rebellions in Sweden in recent history, between 1300 and 1542. And Sweden has not officially participated in any wars during the last 200 years, even though we are one of the world’s biggest contributors to human suffering because of our huge weapons export. However, it is time for a 5th rebellion. The Viking blood may be dormant in most Swedes, but a spartan upbringing is enough to change society. This goes for all genetic variations of our species. You may sit in front of your computer screen, eating crisps, but physically and mentally we can all be whipped into our true potential. And now is the time to act.

Today, I will try to commit high treason. The Swedish law read “Den som, med uppsåt att riket eller del därav skall, med våldsamma eller eljest lagstridiga medel eller med utländskt bistånd, läggas under främmande makt eller bringas i beroende av sådan makt eller att del av riket skall sålunda lösryckas, företager handling som innebär fara för uppsåtets förverkligande, dömes för högförräderi…” which translates roughly as “He/she who, with the intention that the kingdom or parts thereof, by violent or otherwise unlawful means or with foreign assistance, is brought under foreign power or into a dependence of such a power or that parts of the kingdom is thus removed, takes action that threatens to realize the intent, shall be sentenced for high treason…”

In other words, I write a decree with the intent to give over the state of Sweden to the rest of the world and when enough people have signed for it, it will gain official status, as is the case with all other official documents in human civilization. This is my decree:

The physical territory of Sweden will be divided equally among each individual human being who makes a comment to this blog post expressing acceptance of this decree.

Before everyone in the world has an equal share in all the land on earth, people will realize that they have no need for superficial borders and nation-states will disappear. Just like the magic mist of supernatural beings is cleared by atheism, the magic mist of the artificial hierarchy clears and reveals the surface of the Earth as it is, a multitude of organic lifeforms as a thin layer on the partially watery silicon-clad iron ball with no objective judge to give it meaning, through anarchy; A flat surface where everybody stands equally tall in rank, wealth and power, all equally weak, useless and useful.

This was in the daily media flow on January 19, 2010, according to the calender adopted by the pope Gregorius the 13th in 1582, according to the very same calender.