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Sweden Loses in Football against Denmark on National Day

June 7, 2009

Today, Swedes won a 2nd place in the French Open. Federer won over Söderling 3-0. We also got a 1st place in the youth version of the tournament. And the Swedish handball team won as well.

However, this was not enough to make up for the loss yesterday when Denmark beat Sweden in the biggest national sport football/soccer. Sweden lost on the Swedish National day. People were excited about facing our neighbour, had all the beer and face-paint needed to make it a great national day. And in these economically harsh times it’s always good to have something to be happy about, something that distracts you from the mundanity or horrors of real life. When all else fails, you can always be happy for the Danish. My mother, living in the southern part of Sweden which belonged to Denmark 350 years ago, said they had to switch to cheering for Denmark when Sweden couldn’t perform. Very handy indeed.

During the tennis match a person from the audience jumped the fences and ran around on the court, until tackled by security and carried off by three people holding the arms and legs. Made me think how often that happened during the days of the gladiators of Rome. Huge popular sport at the time and I’m sure there was some streaking going on, perhaps some demonstrations as well, perhaps brutally stricken down by the Emperor’s bodyguards. Maybe not, but we know who wrote the history and everything that happened 2000 years ago has not been preserved to us.

Federer and Söderling in 2nd Set Tiebreak

June 7, 2009

Söderling lost the first set, but has come back mentally in the second set. Federer and Söderling both held their own serves and ended at 6-6.

4-1 Federer, serving very well now.

Soderling about to serve.


And it’s out. 5-1.

Commentator: “Uphill for Soderling.”

Soderling with the serve again.

Very good by Federer.” 6-1

Federer’s serve.

Serve ace.


“Söderling, how are you gonna win against this?”

Update will follow, including some stuff on the Swedish national day and the loss against Denmark yesterday.