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Welcome to Dislocation

June 29, 2017

Stay and live, if but a day, or an hour, at a time.

Borrow from the future the symbols of value, this body of an unborn.

The collectors will harvest your emotions, scraping the inside of your brain,

each brand etched through corrosive persistence,

leaving caverns of burnt flesh craving for substance.

Don’t linger, take a loan, do it quickly, make it big.

Taste the promise of a perfect body,

let it soak your palate,

let it glue together the tears in the tapestry of time. (more…)


Rogue Terrorist Organization Declares War on the West

September 2, 2009

An unknown rogue terrorist organization has today declared war on the Western world. More specifically war is waged against the patriarchy of the West. The decree reads:

Western men have long clinged to the highest positions of power in human civilization. Their supremacy must end.

The foot-soldiers of the Western men will suffer terror until the day they hang up their uniforms and accept the equal worth of all humans.

Its military includes not only white men, but also women and people of different colours. The foot-soldiers of the Western patriarchy can be identified on their uniform consisting of:

  • Dark shoes
  • Dark suit
  • Bright shirt
  • And a moderately imaginatively coloured tie.

The war on the Western men will be waged through the use of terror; a terror created by weird blog posts.