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The Metaphor and the Quality of Truth

December 16, 2011

Let’s compare religion and science epistemologically. Not because of the issue of religion and science, but because of the issue of epistemology and truth.

Religion: “God created the heavens.”

Science: “The atmosphere is (more…)

The Meaning of the Lighthouse in Satanism

July 24, 2010

Got this search and thought I’d try to give an answer.

Satanism is mainly an opposite of Christianity. It holds a lot of beliefs that are equal to and stolen from Christianity but reversed. The bible speaks of being kind to your fellow man, while satanism emphasizes individualism. Satanism is most coherently defined within Anton Lavey’s religious movement the Church of Satan. I didn’t find a specific mention of the lighthouse when searching the web but a book called Die Satanischen Rituale (the Satanic rituals) had a picture of a satanic-looking lighthouse on the cover. This is some of the mentions I’ve found:

“This online manifestation is created in the dark spirit of that store, which contained the Lighthouse Effect / The Command to Look amidst the mediocre edifices surrounding it, looming as a gaping hellmouth amidst the commoners.” -some satanic store keeper

And from a Satanic dictionary:

“The Lighthouse Effect: 1. The Process by which an object, person, structure, image, or sound stands apart in an environment, as in the influence a Dominant Mass has on its surroundings.

2. Objects, images, people, or edifices which inspire either compassion, lust, or fear.

3. What activates The Command To Look.


1. A lone instrument sounds amidst frenetic noise.

2. A Person who stands out in a crowd by virtue of their very presence, &/or attire.

3. A house or building which looms ominously amidst & apart from common domiciles.

4. An automobile which stands apart from the common commercialized models.

5. A natural formation that dominates its surroundings.

Definition derived from the solitary vigilance of the lighthouse.”

So, I’d say that the lighthouse in Satanism is used just like the lighthouse in Christianity and western culture – it’s a  beacon of  hope, truth, enlightenment – the difference being that the truth is not God’s truth, but Satan’s truth. (Dunno if Dominant Mass with capital letters refers to a Satanic metaphysical substance).

Quote of the Day: Winston Churchill

July 20, 2010

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

– Winston Churchill