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Today: Sweden in the News 250 Years Ago

May 22, 2012

May 22nd 1762

“Swedish ships can get armed”

“From next year Swedish ships are expected to be allowed to have armoured guards aboard to protect themselves from pirates.”

“Swedish ships have been attacked by pirates but never captured.”

Actually, this is from today 2012 and not from 1762 and humans still carry guns built by humans for humans to kill humans. It amazes me.

I met a guy who works with fighter jets and told him I find the word ‘enemies’ strange. I said it was like taking two dogs and making them superintelligent and the first thing they do is bite each other to death. I don’t know why I find it strange, but I think of humans as a collection of atoms, a sort of material constant that both is and is a part of a motion called the Big Bang. We’re like dogs, we look like dogs and are made of the same stuff as dogs, cells, bacteria, DNA, atoms fused in solar fusion, we eat what dogs eat, carbon; other life. And we perceive the world as they do, through two eyes and two nose holes.

We need to change the way we do things. We should not be at war with each other. It seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

But we got capitalism, a global system within which every humans is ranked from 1st to 7 billionth,  a race for who is the best human, a constant prison death match where everyone is in the fighting arena at the same time. You can only get ahead by taking from someone else, any positive thing you do results in a loss of value for someone else. That’s a parasite system. Why not live in symbiosis and say ‘everything belongs to everyone’? We don’t to fight over resources. It limits our potential to advance our technology and knowledge if we not only have to spend time trying to figure stuff out but also have to spend time fighting each other.

And we got religion, a glocal system within every human is judged. In Christianity, Islam and Judaism all people are divided into 2 types of people; evil and good. The good will live in a paradisical fantasy land with rainbow-coloured unicorns forever. The evil will be tortured forever. And this is because an invisible force wanted all this to happen. This force created a man and then decided to let the man duplicate himself by creating a feminine version of the man in which he could put a sample of his blueprint which this force has stored inside the leather body in the form of giant molecules so that the blueprint could be passed on and itself become a man that could itself duplicate itself into more duplicates able to duplicate themselves into dublicates able to duplicate themselves and so on. The man is seen as the creation of a perfect mind. The woman is seen as a pile of manure in which you can stick things and stuff grows out of it.

However, if it is possible to fix the problems of capitalism, religion and other misguided systems, it is possible for us 7 000 000 000 people to do amazing things.

Rogue Terrorist Organization Declares War on the West

September 2, 2009

An unknown rogue terrorist organization has today declared war on the Western world. More specifically war is waged against the patriarchy of the West. The decree reads:

Western men have long clinged to the highest positions of power in human civilization. Their supremacy must end.

The foot-soldiers of the Western men will suffer terror until the day they hang up their uniforms and accept the equal worth of all humans.

Its military includes not only white men, but also women and people of different colours. The foot-soldiers of the Western patriarchy can be identified on their uniform consisting of:

  • Dark shoes
  • Dark suit
  • Bright shirt
  • And a moderately imaginatively coloured tie.

The war on the Western men will be waged through the use of terror; a terror created by weird blog posts.