California Voted No on Legalizing Marijuana

Just like the main character in Pineapple Express who says that if marijuana isn’t legalized soon he’ll have lost all faith in humanity, a lot of people around the world lost their temporary faith in humanity as prop 19 wasn’t passed. However, soon, it might come true and humanity will be one step closer to a better world. Christianity and Islam created the idea that nature was bad. Other religions appreciate the life-giving woman, all the animals, including the snake, the human body and the interplay of all life and creation, even though life eats life and death and sorrow is inevitable. Nietzsche said that God was dead, particularly the Christian God, and now a new story has to take it’s place. Until then, we’re all disconnected with the earth, feeling alienated, depressed, angry and selfish. We need to feel unity to feel happiness and unity comes with understanding and with understanding comes a better society. This is not the day though, but on a smaller scale I can at least contribute to understanding and hope that the appreciation of life is not lost on everyone, despite the lack of a uniting story of the mystery of being.


1) Alcohol can be a nice thing at a party, so can marijuana and both should be legal for adults to choose.

2) Alcohol can lead to heightening of positive experiences of food, music, comedy, sex et cetera, ease and heighten anxiety, violence, temporary memory loss, falling down due to loss of a sense of balance, crashing cars, throwing up, hangover, dehydration, stupidity, regretful actions due to loss of a sense of social taboos/boundaries, pain killing and permanent liver damage.

3) Marijuana can lead to heightening of positive experiences of food, music, comedy, sex et cetera, ease and heighten anxiety, temporary memory loss, confusion, stupidity, revelations, pain killing and a sense of time slowing down.

4) People under the age of 20 can suffer permanent brain/psychological damage from over-consumption of alcohol and marijuana.

5) Using illegal drugs gets people in contact with other illegal drugs because they get in contact with illegal drug dealers.

6) Illegal drugs cost money. Legal drugs give revenues.

7) All abuse is by definition bad, be it sugar, alcohol, marijuana, training or heroin. People who can’t control their food consumption are the most costly group of people in society in terms of medic care.

In principle, if people had had a sense of working together towards a common goal on the planet, all usage of anything would have been a personal choice and accepted as long as nobody gets hurt.

Here’s a declaration of freedom of use of marijuana, LSD, MDMA from Canada.

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